Do you recycle construction waste?

Yes – we recycle all our wood waste, recyclable plastic and cardboard.

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Our homes in New Orleans take 12 weeks on average to complete. Our multi-family buildings in Newark and Kansas City take about a year to complete.

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Can I replicate your construction techniques?

Yes. Our goal is to change the way buildings are built. By sharing what we’ve learned about green building in our Library and Laboratory, we hope homeowners and builders everywhere will adopt more sustainable practices in affordable residential construction. Because our homes and buildings are built to perform well in specific climates and typographies, please consult a licensed professional proficient with your region.

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How much do your houses cost per square foot?

Currently our costs are between $220 – $130 per square foot.

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Do you get discounts for materials?

Yes. We purchase materials tax-free and order ourselves to avoid the general contractors’ markup.

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